We at White Fox try and emulate our namesake. We are steadfast in our task of providing you with a quick and powerful nicotine hit. This is by far the cleverest way to ingest vitamin N. Not to mention the most discreet and sly way to partake in the pleasure of the endorphins that are generated without anyone even knowing. In short, we provide a one-way ticket to nicotine freedom. So, indulge anytime you like.


The secret resides in a small bag filled with a nicotine laced concoction especially formulated to deliver fast absorption of said substance. Humans have been ingesting nicotiana tabacum since 6000 B.C. and the Swedes have finally optimized the procedure. One perfectly calibrated dose per bag. Leisurely slip one between cheek and gum and then strap yourself in. It is a short wait until you arrive to the pleasurable effects of White Fox. We suggest you take the opportunity to partake in this most enjoyable of vices.


Everyone at White Fox is gung-ho to provide the best experience possible on our web site. Our team is ready to make sure your experience from shopping to purchase is as seamless as possible. We are here to resolve any questions you may have about our product or any problems you may encounter with your order. We provide the best nicotine sensation available today. So please do not hesitate in contacting us. Enjoy White Fox.

Disclaimer: White Fox Portions are a nicotine delivery system. We at WF in no way encourage the use of our product unless you are fully aware and of the adult age of consent of your country.