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Vendor: Janta

Janta Indian Rustica Hearts - Whisky 35g

Type: Snuff
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Janta Indian Rustica has a strong, full bodied taste that uses the finest quality flu cured Andhra Pradesh tobaccos that provide a rich and distinct aroma. Moist hay, mushroom and tanned leather complement the natural spicy and sweet molasses scent. This base note is then enhanced with one of several popular flavors.

Janta Rustica Hearts attempts to create the exquisite aromas of a finely aged malt whiskey. The notes of caramel, charcoal, vanilla and oak all dance together and perform a pleasurable jig in the nose. The whisky flavor is yet another popular flavor that compliments the cured tobacco bite of this snuff. Well worth a try and will help keep your spirits high.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Really enjoying this one

I keep going back, I like it a lot. Give this one a try.

Eric Perlinger

Fan is short for fanatic. I am a fan of snuff in general and Rustica tobacco in particular. Having enjoyed JNF’s Indian Rustica snuff in the past, I was eager to go down-the-rabbit-hole that “Hearts” was seductively offering. Malt is a cereal that has been dried and made to germinate by soaking it in water. The process is stopped by drying it again. It has an umami taste that is both savory and sweet. Umami is one of the five basic tastes after sweetness, sourness, saltiness and bitterness. Appreciatively presented in a screw-topped aluminum tin, “Hearts” is a finely ground, compact and oil-finished snuff, which is khaki pale like a salty pith helmet after a campaigning season in the sun. At first address, one is greeted by the smell barley malt steeped in sandalwood and lavender. Upon uptake, it stings like a rattlesnake, causing wincing and the occasional tear. After dissipation, the burn morphs into a nicotine infused kaleidoscope of organic cane sugar, macassar vanilla and malt. It is my firm belief that snuff is one of the lost arts of the table and that a well-selected snuff can either open the appetite or enhance the meal. “Hearts” is such a snuff. When paired with Highland Scotch, it gives it breadth and serves to stimulate the papillae in anticipation of repast. Well and worthily recommended, a tin of “Hearts” should be lovingly lodged in the pocket of any serious scotch drinker.

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