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Vendor: Janta

Janta Indian Rustica Jack - Vanilla 20g

Type: Snuff
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Janta Indian Rustica has a strong, full bodied taste that uses the finest quality flu cured Andhra Pradesh tobaccos that provide a rich and distinct aroma. Moist hay, mushroom and tanned leather complement the natural spicy and sweet molasse scents. This base note is then enhanced with one of several popular flavors.

Janta Rustica Jack is a full bodied tobacco snuff that the celebrates Madagascan vanilla pod. The rich, full bodied flavor of vanillin wraps delicately around the robust rustica to create a well rounded and flavorful mixture that is grater than the sum of its parts. Well worth a try and will help keep your spirits high.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeremiah Smith
Amazing stuff

I'm shocked there's not a lot of reviews for this one. I had the cinnamon one first (clubs) and it was too strong at first but I went back to it after building a little tolerance. It quickly became a favorite so I gave this vanilla one a try as it's also a favorite flavor/scent of mine and wow... This snuff is beautiful. One tin is a boat load too. Easy every dayer. Perfect moisture level. Fair warning though, these are packed solid to the brim. You pretty much need to scrape some out into another container unless you're just scooping with a little spoon or something. I'll probably get their sampler pack soon. I wish I wouldve sooner when i first started but I leaned towards the cheaper trial packs. These are hands down better than the 6photo and janta assorted heritage ones though. If you're new and looking for a sampler, spend the extra money and get the rustica sampler of these instead. You won't be disappointed.

Eric Perlinger
You don't know Jack

I am particularly interested by the enjoyment of food with snuff. I believe that tobacco is the lost art of the table and that its consumption with repasts enhances epicurean pleasures in a similar manner as the selection of alcohol. Before anti-smoking legislation legitimately came into place to protect our collective lungs, tobacco was consumed before, during and after meals in the form of cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Being buccal pleasures, it is incontestable that tobacco affected the enjoyment of meals. I often wonder how traditional seasoning was influenced by the consumption of tobacco. My quest is to find snuffs that enhance the enjoyment of food. I call these “foodsnuffs.”

JNF’s Indian Rustica “Jack” is such a foodsnuff and is particularly suited to the closure of meals, either as an enhancement or replacement of dessert. At first address, this finely ground taupe-coloured snuff smells of Madagascar vanilla and English custard. Upon uptake, its sweet irradiant burn ebbs into flavours of scraped vanilla, egg custard, nutmeg and clotted cream. It recalls flan, crème anglaise or the vanilla sauce served with luftwaffles or strudel. Sustained by an insomniac’s measure of nicotine, “Jack” is a welcome addition to any late-night pudding menu.

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