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Vendor: Gawith Hoggarth Tobacco Trading Ltd

Ozona President 7g

Type: Nasal Snuff
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Ozona President is certainly popular and there seems to be a lack of superlatives to describe this snuff. It seems to tick every box. The tobacco taste is greatly complimented with a treatment of peppery mint, eucalyptus smothered in menthol. The flavor is more cleansing than medicated and provides all the refreshment of a cool winter day anytime of the year. There is a mild bite upon inhalation that immediately surrenders to pleasure. The grind is medium coarse; the moisture is middling; the color is a medium brown and the nicotine jolt is tempered but lasting. Give it a try and find out why it is so acclaimed.

Available in a convenient 5 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Smoothe Is The Word

I myself have learned that across different kinds of snuff, you have to adjust your pinch. I can pinch more with a toasted than a menthol. And this is how I enjoy menthols the most. Too much, too fast and it's a sneeze attack. But this Ozona President comes off very smooth, right off the bat. I was worried there would be like a peppermint oil quality to this, but no the mint comes through in it's own kind of way. The eucalyptus and menthol is moderately cooling, and this is a manageable burn. The base flour is mild with a fine grind. In a few small pinches, I'll say the Nicotine can creep up on you quick. To compare this with Red Bull, I'd say this is lighter in cooling sensation and in nicotine.

Snuff delivery

Love the snuff but the delivery time to the USA is bad

Matthew Francis
Excellent Mentholated Snuff

Ozona President is a snuff to which I took a significant amount of time to warm. Once I started snuffing regularly, it was routinely recommended as being one of the best mentholated snuffs on the market, but after trying it for the first time, I was a bit disappointed. I must have just built up unreasonable expectations because I discovered it to be a wonderful snuff after giving it a second chance. It hits hard right out of the gate with a lovely blend of peppermint, menthol, and eucalyptus. Aromas from the base tobacco(s) take some time to show themselves, but when they do, a pleasant blend of earth, wood, chocolate, biscuit, lemon, and mushroom balance the top notes deftly. Sometimes I pick up a very subtle raisin or brown sugar sweetness too. The nicotine presence surprised me. Some people seem to find this snuff a little lacking in terms of nicotine content, but I find it to possess a potent and relaxing nicotine hit. Moisture content is medium, and the grind is more or less medium-coarse. This snuff sits in the nose very well, and the sensations it offers tend to linger without overstaying their welcome. Overall, this is a wonderful mentholated snuff. I wish I had given it a fair shake sooner.

Best snuff product

This is by far the best snuff I have tried.:)

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