Peggy Dark Rum Truffle Selection

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  • Peggy Dark Rum Truffle Selection


Peggy Dark Rum Truffle Selection

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Peggy Dark Rum Truffle Selection is a deliciously indulgent blend of Peggy Dark Rum infused with a decadent hint of Belgian chocolate. 


They are made by a craft business called Davison's, an award winning Manx chocolatier and ice creamery, for Far Shore Merchants. Both are based in the Isle of Man. 


Founded in 1988, Davison's has been dedicated to producing the finest handmade chocolates money can buy. Each one is carefully and meticulously hand crafted and hand-finished by its Master Chocolatier, Ian Davison. 


Ian combines original and exciting flavours in his cutting-edge creations.  A protégé of Gulliver’s Chocolate (a London-based chocolatier supplier to Harrods and Fortnum & Mason), Ian uses the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate in all his creations. Callebaut Belgian chocolate is made from cocoa beans traceable directly to the farming communities that grow them, and is 100% sustainable.


Made using Manx butter, from happy grass fed Manx cows, the truffle selection  feature smooth, decadent dark, milk, and white chocolate shells filled with creamy truffle and Peggy Rum, a dark rum with aromas of caramel, oak, and marzipan, to give the truffles an unparalleled depth of flavour. 


They make a great gift for any chocolate lover, including yourself (because, after all,  you deserve it).


Chocolate, in case you don't know, is good for your microbiome (gut bacteria). You can rest easy popping one of these lovelies in your mouth. No guilt required, which is amazing for such a deliciously decadent treat.



Each oversized tube contains 10 truffles.


Weight: 140g



Far Shore Merchants, based in the Isle of Man, have been developing a portfolio of artisanal, small-batch products in line with our passion for quality and sustainability.


Their search for craft businesses that provide true artisanal products is an ongoing passion project and has taken the owners of Far Shore Merchants to the furthest corners of the globe.


It is these travels that inspired their name. As they discovered ingredients that fit their vision, they partnered with producers and artisans to tailor bespoke solutions to develop their unique and growing portfolio of fine luxury brands.


It is envisaged that each of their products will be influenced by the Isle of Man’s rich history and folklore, an unending tapestry of events, tales, and stories that capture consumers’ imaginations and stimulate fascination.

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