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Vendor: Bernard

Bernard Jubilaums 10g

Type: Snuff
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Bernard Jubilaums is a celebration of snuff. This is a highly orchestrated recipe that begins with an overture of a natural tobacco taste followed with a dollop of fresh berries. The next act concludes with a cool and subtle whiff of camphor. This entire performance is of the highest caliber. Each part plays a required role and offers incredible sensations to the nose. This jubilee offers all this in a medium-coarse grind, dark brown color and an overwhelming dose of nicotine. Truly memorable snuffing experience. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tee Vee
My Favorite Bernard!!

What a fantastic snuff. I really hope some other Company picks up this recipe now that Bernard is shutting down. My nose is gonna freak out without it!

Complex, don't mix it with anything

It was excited to see what 285 years of snuff making would offer. Honestly, at first I thought this one wan't for me or perhaps my palate was overwhelmed. First it was like a medicated straw type smell like the inside of an old barn but with menthol. But then I gave it another go as the days went on. It is very complex you have to try it by itself. It has almost fruity creme finish.

Kurt Shaffer
One of the best.

This was one of the first snuffs I ever tried. At first I didn’t like it, but now it’s in my top 3. It’s the perfect grind, texture, and amount of menthol for me. There’s a flavor hiding in the background that I can’t quite pin down. This is a must have

Jacob Rottman

Wonderful......absolutely wonderful snuff. It's complex with just the right amount of menthol and aromas of quality tobacco all floating around together perfectly. Perfect amount of moisture for me and a mid-grind. With a firm smack in the face of nicotine and just how lovely it is to take I can't stop pinching it. Very very addictive and enjoyable snuff.

Joseph Valicko

One of my top go to snuffs at the moment

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