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Fubar Mint Filter Tabaq 10g

Fubar Mint Filter Tabaq 10g

Lachhman Dass

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FUBAR Mint Filter Tabaq is exactly as advertised. The mint is most definitely the prominent flavor without being too overwhelming. I would describe it as more of a peppermint because there is a definite hint of pepper there to my palate.

The mint is not in anyway overwhelming and like the other filter tabaqs in the FUBAR line up it is not particularly sweet beyond the natural peppermint sweetness you would expect. I would describe it more as a mild mint, though initially it feels significantly stronger due the the level of nicotine - high!

The portions do not disappoint. Like all things FUBAR, Mint Filter Tabaq, has a decent punch to it, and the flavor goes on and on before you notice too much diminution. There is very little bitter aftertaste‚ for my palate, nor does the tobacco taste make much of an entrance. I wouldn't mind if it did mind you, but if you are looking for the tobacco to come in more fully then you'll have to keep the pouch in longer (with another one perhaps to kick the nic back up).

Accustomed as I am to chew bags and snus, these mini portions still required me to shift it around my mouth to ease the delicious "tingle" that indicates the nicotine is on its way to the dopamine receptors.

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Fubar Mint Filter Tabaq 10g
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