HiT Lemongrass Nicotine Pouches

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  • HiT Lemongrass Nicotine Pouches

HiT Lemongrass Nicotine Pouches

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Take your taste buds on a refreshing adventure with the invigorating Lemongrass-flavored pouches - the quickest and most effective way to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Within a few moments of slipping a pouch under your lip, feel the steam building up and the endorphin engine racing to your head. Delight in the burst of zesty Lemongrass flavor in your mouth, akin to savoring ripe fruit. The perfect combination of taste and tingle will last a long while, providing a unique and refreshing alternative to tobacco powder.
Treat yourself to this revitalizing Lemongrass experience today.

Nicotine content 14 mg/g
24 pouches/container
Practical twist top container

Get a discount on a roll of 10.

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