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Vendor: Janta

Janta Indian Rustica Queen - Rose 8g

Type: Snuff
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Janta Indian Rustica has a strong, full bodied taste that uses the finest quality flu cured Andhra Pradesh tobaccos that provide a rich and distinct aroma. Moist hay, mushroom and tanned leather complement the natural spicy and sweet molasses scent. This base note is then enhanced with one of several popular flavors.

Janta Rustica Queen is a wonderfully fragrant snuff whose perfume provide a calming and almost meditative effect. The Rosa rosacea flower provides a traditionally eastern accent to the stout tobacco flavor of this snuff. Well worth a try and will help keep your spirits high.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eric Perlinger
Cassandra Peterson

At first address, JNF’s Indian Rustica “Queen” smells of decomposing rose petals and the earthy sweetness of the thawing spring. It reminds me of the morning after Valentine’s, before the rising of the sun, where the passion of the night has morphed into a glowing self-satisfaction, nourished by shared gulps of stale, ambient champagne. Upon uptake, this finely ground taupe-coloured snuff fangs the nose with a sour burn that heightens senses and accentuates the essence of rose. Seductive like a vampire, its nicotine delivery cauterises the wound and leaves you searching for more. Sexy like Elivra, “Queen” is a mistress not to be trifled with.

First Rose

This is the first rose scented snuff I've tried and I can't say that I dislike it. Most of this Rustica line seem to place focus on the base tobacco with light scents however this one seems to shadow out the base flavor more so than others. I quite like this one and would buy again.

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