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Vendor: Janta

Janta Indian Rustica Spades - Strawberry 35g

Type: Snuff
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Janta Indian Rustica has a strong, full bodied taste that uses the finest quality flu cured Andhra Pradesh tobaccos that provide a rich and distinct aroma. Moist hay, mushroom and tanned leather complement the natural spicy and sweet molasses scent. This base note is then enhanced with one of several popular flavors.

Janta Rustica Spades has a full bodied fruity flavor with just the right touch of sweetness that compliments the smoky charred notes of the rustica tobacco taste. This berry offers a characteristically natural redolence to many familiar products and this tobacco powder is no exception. The strawberry adds a note of freshness that not only compliments but enhances the aromas of this snuff. Well worth a try and will help keep your spirits high.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul N.
A Mystery to Solve

A quick bite with hints of menthol. Like a toast, but lightly scented with at least forty florals, and fruits. Fine grind, light colored, with a solid jab of nicotine. The essence lasts a very long time. "Spades" is mystical. After the initial mild burn, the subtle flavors are different, every time. They rise up like a bouquet of flowers, and a basket of fruit. The taste subsides into different aromas with each sniff. I have never experienced such snuff. However, I am still waiting for the manifestation of strawberry. This snuff must be learned. I am only beginning to understand the many sweet seasonings of the blend. Rather complex. If you want to explore something unique, try "Spades." I like Wilsons of Sharrow's "Royal George," and Rustica's "Spades" is similar, but much much lighter. This is a good snuff, if you want to be surprised, each time you indulge. This is a mystical snuff for a classy nose. I am glad that I ordered a case.

Eric Perlinger

I find many pleasures in snuff taking: the flavours, the burn, the delivery of nicotine, etm. One of my favourites is how snuff primes the mind into stimulating recollection. Smell dodges the thalamus and punches the olfactory bulb, directly; thereby triggering intense memories and vivid emotions. Like a dream, it allows me to collate diverse reminiscences into new and frequently unique journeys. Unscrewing a tin of “Spades” revealed a finely-ground taupe-coloured snuff that has the consistency of wet sand that dried. Wafting from the tin was the sweet & sour smell of a strawberry / cranberry blend. It immediately reminded me of a candy that I enjoyed as a child, of which no thought was given in the past 40 years. Uptake produced a delightful stinging and sour burn that is best described as a nasal hickey. Afterburn dissipated into a simple salad of strawberries, cranberries and lilies, providing the joy of eating candy without the depression of counting calories. Intense and powdery, I suggest micro-doses rather than vigorous snorts. Useful for Lent as an ersatz to sweets, “Spades” sports an adult dose of nicotine to help fortify resolve.

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