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Vendor: Janta

Janta Indian Rustica Standard - Rustica 20g

Type: Snuff
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Janta Indian Rustica has a strong, full bodied taste that uses the finest quality flu cured Andhra Pradesh tobaccos that provide a rich and distinct aroma. Moist hay, mushroom and tanned leather complement the natural spicy and sweet molasses scent.

This flavorful powder is the true taste of tobacco pleasure that has been carefully prepared to offer the pure and earthy aromas of this subcontinental cultivar. Well worth a try and will help keep your spirits high.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
An excellent crisp Rustica snuff

This offering from Janta Naswar Factory in India is a straight up khaki colored rustica base. Has a whiff of barnyard akin to Makla which dissipates after the tin has been opened. Then it reveals a pleasant rustica tobacco taste. No burn, good moisture, fine grind. After a few days of using now I get a pleasant buttery/savory odor. Nicotine level is high so novices beware. Some madras are stronger, but I really enjoy this for a plain alkalized Indian snuff.

Eric Perlinger
Spreadsheet Snuff

Building spreadsheets, especially in budgetary times, requires a special kind of concentration and masochistic auto-flagellation. Many hours spent dissecting numbers is hard on the eyes, mind and soul. Various stimulants, such as coffee and spirulina, are used as to remain vigilant amidst the cascading jumble of numbers. At times, these crutches are insufficient for one simultaneously striving to remain focused on minutia while being acutely cognisant of the whole. Having just survived that actuarial purgatory, salvation came through the flotsam of Janta’s Indian Rustica “Standard”, whilst drowning in a sea of numbers. Flue cured, this unaltered Rustica tobacco tastes of sweet grass, rosewater, mushroom, leather and civet. Cloaked in ammonia, this lifebuoy stings like a bee and punches nicotine like a prize fighter in heat. Although ground into a fine powder, its oil finish keeps it from being dusty like other Indian snuffs, reducing incidents throat-drip. Essential to keeping the mind sharp under the duress of endless hours of toil, this “Standard” offering is all business.

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