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Vendor: McChrystals (Leicester) Ltd

McChrystals Vintage Velvet 3.5g

Type: Snuff
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McChrystal's Vintage Velvet has a subtle and ephemeral bouquet with a green or slightly earthy aroma. In the nose, the perfume is obviously lavender but quickly subsides and gives way to a woody musky scent. Some snuffers claim a soapy ending to the pinch but talk enthusiastically about the sensation. The grind is medium coarse and fluffy, the color is middle brown with a moderate nicotine kick.  The tobacco smell is basically absent but the replacement is a pleasant walk through the gardens of Vivier after a mild rain shower. 

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Mini: 3.5 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

Customer Reviews

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Pretty good, not too floral

Maybe I'm accustomed to strong florals in Indian snuffs, but I kind of wish the violet scent was stronger in this. It's possible that would put off some people and why it's not done. The scent is nice though, and the tobacco is prominent. I'd say the scent is 50/50 tobacco and violet, unlike Indians snuffs where floral would be more like 90/10 or 80/20.

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