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Vendor: Lachhman Dass Amar Nath (A.V.)

BUCCANEER 30g - Simply Snuff

Type: Nasal Snuff
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Buccaneer is a swashbuckling type of snuff, perfect for when you are engaging in bravado and derring-do! The tobacco base is deep brown in colour, with a medium grind with a meaningful nicotine content. It's lovely and moist making it easy to bump.

Buccaneer provides a delicious blend of nuttiness and sweet raisins, and a robust belt of menthol opens up the airways and guarantees a long lasting burn. It's perfect for all you Pirates out there, but don't give it to your Parrot.

"During last 2 years I've  reviewed over 350 Snuffs on my Simply Snuff! YouTube Channel. The time has come to put the experience and knowledge I have acquired to good use!

These four new Snuffs bring together a delicious range of base tobaccos and toppings to provide a new and unique snuff experience! Thanks for all your support and kindness, and I hope you enjoy these Snuffs as much as I do.

Chin Chin

Check out and support Simon's YouTube Channel here - Simply Snuff

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mad scientist made this

My label must've been switch out for Boodleam. Nothing nutty raisin about this . Menthol grapefruit citrus and weird bubble gum .

Jeffrey Melton
Floral and fragrant

Much to my surprise, this snuff was very floral and extremely fragrant, After taking it for the first time the wife could smell it from across the house! The flavor reminds me a lot of imported incense - a combination of various floral, woodsy, resinous scents (like nag champa, dragon's blood, etc.). At least for me, I'm not getting the nutty and sweet-raisin-like flavor profile I was hoping for. Despite this, it is moist and comfortable to take with a mild menthol hit.

This snuff appears to be of Indian origin, manufactured by Six Photo, and is Rustica based I guess. I haven't taken any other Indian snuffs, but I can imagine this style appeals to some. I suppose it's at least interesting and I'll keep trying it to see if it grows on me, but unfortunately this one was not at all as expected!

Sheldon S.
Shape shifter

Texture and moisture are fantastic - perfect vitamin N and menthol balance for me. For some reason I was getting perfume the first couple of days, but now I'm definitely getting the raisins and enjoying it very much - glad I kept with it. Wonderful. Well done Simon!

Bryan Beals
Top. Banana

Bravo Simon! Great balance all around. The grind and moisture spot on. Very enjoyable menthol and raisin flavor..I take big multiple pintches of this because it's so good.

Bryan Beals
Top banana

Delicious and perfect grind and moisture. Nice burn an would say maybe medium nicotine. I tend to take big multiple pinches of this because it's so good.

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