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Sir Walter Scott Havana Toast Snuff 15g

Sir Walter Scott Havana Toast Snuff 15g

Sir Walter Scotts

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A rich and flavorful non-mentholated nasal snuff with an earthy, smoky, and sweet taste. Made with a blend of Havana and Virginia tobacco, this medium-brown snuff has a fine grind and slightly moist texture for easy use. Perfect for those looking for a medium-high nicotine experience.

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Sir Walter Scott Havana Toast Snuff 15g
Sir Walter Scott Havana Toast Snuff 15gSWS013
Sir Walter Scott Havana Toast Snuff 15gSWS013
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Customer Reviews

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j sauceman
Havana smooth

after about a week with this snuff, i feel i can finally put into words just what makes it such a quality tobacco product. on popping the tin and placing your nose for the first deep inhale, there are exquisitely rich, complicated tones to be found and parsed through. a buttery smooth medium roast arabica coffee quickly gives way to an almost chocolate aroma of finely toasted tobacco. the first pinch is equally smooth with almost no burn and a mild nicotine buzz. one of the finer, more complicated snuffs i've sampled. highly recommend.

Don Littleton
Perpetually sold out, and the one snuff, if stranded on an island with only 1 I could have, it's it.

I don't know if this has been discontinued. Hopefully, not. Light years ago, I had a Cuban cigar a Panamanian diplomat brought into the USA. Blew my mind! Unbelievable! The first whiff I had of this snuff, and it was dejà vu! The first snuff in the nostril, and I had that same pleasure as from the diplomat's generosity, in the USA. I hope this snuff isn't discontinued. If it is, please remove it from your site. I'm tired of repeatedly checking, as I have for 2 months or so, to see if I can order it again.

Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 15g

This snuff definitely reminds me of a good cigar, and I smoke a fair amount of those. The aroma is very pleasant and since I

Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 15g

Excellent snuff with a romantic, cigar shop flavor. My friend said it brought him back to his time in the Dominican Republic. Perfect summer snuff!

andrew heywood
Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 15g

A fantastic unique snuff. The only snuff that I have come across with an authentic cuban cigar aroma.

Made with a clever blend of slowly toasted Havanan Ligero, Nicaraguan Seco, Bright Leaf Virginia and Rustica.

A high nicotine content, which also gives a unique dry 'scratch' sensation when you pinch - which is very pleasant indeed.

Highly recommended !