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Vendor: Sir Walter Scotts Fine Border Snuff

Sir Walter Scott's Princess Juana 15g

Type: Food, Beverages & Tobacco
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In October 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered an island called Cubanascan by the indigenous Taino people. He considered it "the most beautiful land than human eyes have ever seen" and re-named it Juana, after the second daughter of his sponsor, King Ferdinand II of Spain. Juana became Queen of Castille in 1504, but was deemed to be insane and confined for the rest of her life in the Royal Convent of Santa Clara. After this sad event and the fact that she was now known as 'Juana La Loca', it was felt the island should revert to the original name, which over time became shortened to Cuba.

Princess Juana is a slightly moist, demi gros snuff made with fermented Cuban tobacco matured with cedar wood shavings for six months and cased with 100% pure essence of violets.

NB: As with any natural tobacco product, artisan nasal snuff can be susceptible to mold if it is not stored correctly. All of our snuffs are heat treated before packing to ensure an indefinite shelf-life whilst in the original, unopened containers. Our snuffs are traditionally made without chemical preservatives and we recommend that once opened the snuffs should be kept in the tightly closed brand container and stored in a refrigerator. Only decant using a clean, dry implement.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

For more information on Princess Juana click here for the blog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Long Lasting Violet

This scent from this snuff lasts about a day, which is excellent. The violet is not overpowering and smells quite natural.

Ryan McCurine
Velvety Violet

SWS, never fails. Love or dislike one of his snuffs, what can’t be denied is the quality and craftsmanship of this old world style of snuff. This snuff is growing on me. Though it was aged in cedar, I cant tease out any cedar notes. What is apparent, however is the violet. The violet comes across perfectly. It’s slightly more pronounced than subtle, and a far cry from overwhelming. It complements the natural sweetness of the tobacco perfectly. Even thought its dark, the feel is light, with a quietly pronounced violet scent that lingers long after a pinch. For a newbie, this is a great bridge to handcrafted snuffs that are flavored without the overly sweetened accords found in many fruit flavored snuffs beloved by neophytes. Experienced snuffers will certainly appreciate the quality of the product. Recommended for all, and certainly worthy of a second purchase.

Ian Craig
A holiday for the nose.

As you open the tin and have a smell, you will strongly smell Creme de Violet Liquor. But upon taking a pinch, that Violet becomes a softer, more natural violet that caresses the olfactory senses, bringing memories of past loves and happier times. Then, that scent gives way to cedar and freshly rolled cigars. Its an absolute delight. One of SWS's best in my opinion.

Vitamin N is an agreeable level. Not too strong, but enough to satisfy. Medium to coarse grind and moist, it is easy and even a delight to take.

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