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Vendor: Lachhman Dass Amar Nath (A.V.)

SNUV, Hemlock 10g

Type: Nasal Snuff
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Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Nah, that doesn't quite fit.
'Really 'effin' hard apricot squeezy'.
More accurate but no rhyme.
Take your pick. Either way this has the aroma of slightly thyme medicinal with lemony apricot fairy washing up liquid mixed in… a nice way (don't judge me). That Ahh so nice fresh clean smell. The lemony apricot smell subsides and purer, real-fruit apricot along with the herbs will become more pronounced. You'll detect (hopefully) the aroma of wild sage, turmeric and wild dill emerging, along with a hint of pine and hardwood. Yes, you'll have to wait for your nostrils to start functioning again. Be patient you animal

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  • Grind: very fine
  • Moisture: dry as a bone
  • Strength: Very strong
  • Menthol: No

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Not for me

For me, it's really bad. Smells like Lemon Pledge, the stuff used to clean wood furniture. It's fluffy and easy to take, but then burns hard after it's in your nose. Lingers for so long, which would be great if the scent wasn't so terrible. Real strong nicotine.

Jeremiah Smith
Wow idk man

First of all the reviews of the floor cleaner smell aren't far off but it does get a little better if you let it breathe for a while. open the can, stir it up and air it out a bit then some of the chemically smell will go away. It's definitely moist and nowhere near bone dry. If it tasted the same as it smelt once it went in, it wouldn't be have bad but it burns terribly to the point you immediately want to get it out of your nose after it goes in. I accidentally ordered 2 tins of this instead of one but it was on sale for $2.50ea so it's not worth trying to return the other one. Frankly it's not worth any more than $3 anyway. Sadly I would have to agree with the guy that called I something along the lines of satan semen. LOL

Tom Maier
Found Hemlock distasteful, perhaps appropriately named.

Unusual artificial smell/taste, hard to describe. Moister than described. BTW--Hemlock is poisonous.

Jonathan Hands
Can’t quite describe the scent

All the reviews I read go on about the “floor cleaner”, Lemon Pledge scent of this interesting snuff. I don’t think it smells like those things. Rather, I get a strange floral smell that’s not unpleasant at all. I like the chili pepper burn, and the nicotine is pretty good too, although I think it’s added to the snuff, which appears to be non tobacco. I’d like to see what it’s actually made from. But it’s overall pretty good quality, and the scent lasts for a long time.

Holy crap

I am a bit new to the snuff thing but I have tried several different ones. Most of which I enjoy. I like a little burn and rush. However, I am fairly confident this one is made by collecting semen from Satan's testicles, drying it, then pulverizing it along with dried Carolina Reaper peppers. I thought, perhaps, I had used too much and went for a much smaller pinch with the same satanic results. Your mileage may vary.

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