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SNUV, Reaper 10g

SNUV, Reaper 10g

Lachhman Dass

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Try to savor the hereby hint of mixed berries, mostly raspberry-jammy bubblegum, before you get a hard kick in the pudenda which will, for a while, distract you from any aroma. When your nose settles down and stops pulsing fit to burst an artery, note the subtle undertones of wild lavender, Himalayan barberry (which tones down the sweetness), vanilla pod and bitter orange with hints of jatamansi and clematis. The raspberry still prevails, though less sweet; more like the actual berry picked fresh off the plant on a warm summer evening.

The flavor lasts for ages. We didn't bother timing it but a solid hour later (time for another dose) a squeeze of the nostrils gave a satisfying renewal of the base aromas. A little bit like scratch and sniff, kiddos.

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  • Grind: very fine
  • Moisture: light
  • Strength: Very strong
  • Menthol: No

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anthony R
Not for beginners.

My first Snuv snuff. Wow this snuff is amazing. It is aptly named too. Very warm and spicy good raspberry scent that stays with you. as well as the heat. Probably the longest lasting burn of all the snuffs I've tried 30 min and still feel a slight burn as well as the raspberry. Less is more for sure. The 10g tin will last a long time . looking forward to try others in the snuv line.

Pierre Gravel
Buy this if you're getting bored of snuff

No kidding this has to be one of my favorite if not my favorite snuff so far and I have a masdive collection. I was getting quite bored of the unpleasant/uninteresting smells but this one is so good and it really is unique in the snuff world as far as I know. Kind of has a sweet gothic vibe to it so if youre into those things youll definitely love it. It does help that its a white snuff so you dont get a clogged nose too often. Really really good that made my day thank yoy SNUV. Probably the only snuff that deserves 5 stars as far as im concerned.

Cary Miller
Please get it back in stock

This is my favorite blend after trying about 20 different ones. I need this back in stock I’ll buy a 10 pack on the cool. The other 19 scents I just can’t get used to.