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Vendor: Lachhman Dass Amar Nath (A.V.)

SNUV White Genuine 15g

Type: Nasal Snuff
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SNUV White range of snuffs are all based on classic "white" tobacco.

Although more a pale brown, white snuff is very strong and of very fine grind.

For this reason we recommend that only seasoned, expert or masochistic snuffers even attempt these snuffs. Small pinches sniffed carefully and gently is what is required if you don't want mucus streaming for various orifices.

You have been warned.

Snuv Genuine is inspired by one of our perennial favourites, McChrystal's Original and Genuine.

However it is finer, drier, and packs a punch. Definitely intense satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tee Vee
It's no McChrystals but.......

It's not bad, it supposed to be a stronger version of O&G, but it's not as good.
If you like strong menthol you might like it.

The best white snuff

The best of the white snuffs by Snuv, or in general, in my opinion. Not as much of a burn and the menthol is lovely. The consistency is very powdery as is usual for white snuffs (almost a dry clay-like). Great nic hit

D Wheeler
Fantastic experience

What can I say except WOW! This snuff was worth the little wait it took to get to Canada! I went ahead and ordered the entire white line and I was not disappointed with Genuine. It comes in hard and fast, definitely not for the faint of heart or the beginner. But that burn is sooo satisfying, even as tears come to your eyes and your ears start to burn. A nice serving of vitamin N, even for someone like me that has a high tolerance. Genuine White is my favorite of this line and easily in my top three favorite snuffs. It is a heavy medicated snuff. I also suggest Toot, of the same line, if you like raspberry.

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